Obviously, I am not your only client, so how do you juggle working for multiple agents/teams?

Organization is key to any business. We run on deadlines assigned by you—the agent—to ensure you are a priority. We also time block according to the tier you’ve signed up for. However, as Curtis likes to say, “I live in Seattle, so when the sun is shining, I likely won’t be tied to my desk.” But, you have our guarantee that we will communicate with you every step of the way. Your assistant will be in touch with you about schedule conflicts, vacations, etc. so you are aware of what is happening. If there are ever any issues in this area, we are happy to listen and reevaluate our schedule to better accommodate you.

When it comes to assigning a VA to me or my team, how does that process work?

As Chameleon grows, we look at a number of factors to ensure all of our clients are receiving all the accommodation they deserve. After the initial consultation, we will evaluate goals, pricing, services and even evaluate DISC profiles, talent, experience, location and any other personalized factors needed to fit you with the best VA.

Is this a monthly service?

Yes, but we are willing to discuss specific projects on an individual basis. 

How many hours a week can I expect to have you working for me?

As each tier escalates, the expected hours worked does too. Full transparency though, we are not full time VA’s, but you’d be surprised to know what we can accomplish regardless.

How much does the average agent pay for services?

This is not a question that is easy to answer. It really depends on your volume and production levels.

Why are services and pricing so vague? I’m an agent who likes to know up front.

We are called Chameleon for a reason. We tailor, blend in and accommodate. Your business isn’t like anyone else’s (at least we hope). Your business is unique and deserves time and consideration for what will help you be the next Millionaire Real Estate Agent. There’s no one-price-fits-all. There’s no one-service-fits-all.

Do you work for solo agents only? Or can teams hire you?

We love solo agents because they always need that extra boost. However, helping teams get organized is also something we enjoy doing. We even help individual agents who are employed by teams. No matter what your situation, let’s chat and see if we are a good fit for you. Even if you have an admin already, we can assist them with their tasks too.

What can I expect in my initial Video Call Consultation?

We video call because we want to meet you! It’s easier to conduct business with you when we can understand your non-verbal communication. In that video call we will be discussing your needs, wants, goals and anything else you might need to get your business to those goals. We will also chat about timeline, preparation, and your core values and mission statement for your business. Your future VA will also be included on that call so that they can start with you from the very beginning.